How to Change a Watch Band

How to Change a Watch Band
March 26, 2014 Strap Bandits
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Changing a watch band is easy with the correct tools. You’ll need a small flat bladed screwdriver or a spring bar removal tool that can be procured. You’ll also require your watch and the new watch band that you want to fit. Nearly all kinds of watch band are held to the watch by small spring loaded bars known as spring-band. These fit into the little indents on the inside of the watch case and pass through a loop at the end of the watch band.

Before you remove your watch band writes a note about which part of the watch band is joined to which side of the watch. If you put the watch down and check the exact way up, the end of the watch band with the buckle goes at the top.

Change a Watch Strap How-To

To remove the watch band from the watch, it’s essential to press one end of the spring bar which is below the shoulders of the watch case and pedal it out from beneath the watch case. This will allow the other end to be removed effortlessly.

After you’ve completed this on each side of the watch band, you can take out the spring bars from your former watch band and place them securely to one side. If you know the size of your watch band, you can proceed, but if you’re not certain, it’s essential that you measure it to ensure that you buy the accurate watch band. To do this, make use of a ruler to check the length between the shoulders of your watch case’s shoulders.

This measurement is normally a manifold of 2mm, but sometimes watches have odd totaled breadths. In this case, you may either need to buy a smaller watch band and be hopeful that it will not be too slack or buy a larger watch band and hope that you can compress the watch band into the hole. After knowing the measurements of your watch band, you can proceed and procure a watch band that fits the necessary dimensions.

Attaching a New Watch Band

Before you join your new watch band to your watch, you may need to remove some dirt on your watch case most especially if you’ve been using it for a long a time. To attach your new watch band to your watch, you need to insert your old spring bars into the new watch band. Once you’ve completed that, put one end of the spring bar into the watch case and ensure that you have the watch band the right way round.

Then you can use the divided end of the spring bar device to press the other end of the spring bar and slide it under the shoulder of your watch case. You may require wriggling it for a moment before it clunks into place, but it should do ultimately. You can proceed by doing the same with the other side once again by making sure that the watch band is in the right way round. And that’s all done with your band attachment making your watch wear a new look. Once you’ve the ability of changing band, you’ll find out that your choices are limitless and you’ll be changing bands to corresponds with your clothes or match your activ

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