Different Types of Watch Straps

Different Types of Watch Straps
March 27, 2014 Strap Bandits
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Watchstraps are the only division between wristwatches sitting on your wrist, to being a relic sitting in your pocket. Without watchstraps the suitability of contemporary wrist wear is misplaced, and the burdensome believed of carrying your pockets watch about becomes an unattractive truth. While an old-style pocket watch can still be valued under the right situations, not everybody desires to offer suitability for a convention. With the excess of decisions available for watch straps, it could be irresistible trying to choose which is right for you.

Types of Watch Straps


This is one of the sturdier watchstrap selections available. The Engineer watchstrap is not for the swoon of the wrist. Containing colossal connection, and heavy set metal, this strap is flawless for those that intend to put their watches through extreme usage. The minor interconnected link design does an abundant job of covering scratches because the uncovered exterior is less than its metal link bracelet replacements, this why it’s the favorite choice for hands-on professionals. Engineer watchstraps are one of the most resistances to wear available, but it’s also the weightiest, so keep this in mind when determining if this strap is suitable for you.


Aviator watchstraps comprise of durable, thick components with metal rivets attached near the lugs, motivated by the early days of flight. Powered by the invention and human effort, aviator watchstraps were designed to be a pilot’s greatest friend for keeping their watch steadily attached to their wrists devoid of the danger of it flying off during battle. The rivets were included as an additional safety measure, but today it serves essentially for aesthetic appeal. An aviator watchstrap is a choice for those who are searching for exceptional style.


One of the three core bracelet choices made popular by the Oyster, Rolex watch strap is their most famous offering. Its 3 section connection makes it durable and less susceptible to stretching, which is common problem overtime with other Rolex bracelets. The bigger link design of the Oyster bracelet offers for a perfect equilibrium of function and form which gives you the flexibility of an everyday strap with the aesthetics to go from work to weekend casual.



Leather watch straps surely don’t require an introduction, since they have been the trusted acquaintance to watches since the dawn of time. The material itself is linked with elegance and luxury and is typically provided as the best option for whatever that offers fabric selections. It’s classy, attractive and light, but it’s one of the minimum long-lasting watch strap choices available. Leather degrades over time due to it bodily fluids which it’s subjected to; additionally it pliable will take a larger beating under standard usage as compared to other watchstrap alternatives.


Although rubber doesn’t display luxury, it’s still tenderly embraced by the watch community. Initially designed to serve as a more inexpensive substitute to metal bracelets, it’s seen today used by on sports models of high-end brands such as Rolex, Hublot, and Breitling. Versatility, durability, affordability, and Flexibility are all advantages that you can get from rubber watchstraps.


Rally watchstraps were designed to be a lightweight, breathable and comfortable choice for the mobile industry, which makes it name rally. They have big apparent holes, occasionally of variable sizes, cut out of the band material and they function as the perfect solution for racing fans since it has all the three qualities as mentioned earlier, they also offer a refined and rugged look.


This is one of the common choices for an occasional appearance, the Nato strap is a fan favorite to realizing a fashionable, yet casual look, irrespective of what watch brand it’s on. From inexpensive watches such as Timex to the utmost level of luxury watches in Rolex, the interlaced nylon based Nato strap continues to attract more dedicated members of the watch community. Its durability, versatility, and affordability are what make the original watchstrap material so popular.

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