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  • Jul082019


    STRAP BANDITS HUDDERSFIELD FABRIC STRAPS Strap Bandits offers a broad range of watch straps for both conventional lugs and Apple Watches,…

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  • Nov022018


    The guys over at Strapsense reviewed the Strapbandits Huddersfield Collection. They give a great history on Huddersfield Fabric and an honest…

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  • Aug092018

    The WWR team tries cloth straps from Strap Bandits

    Strap Bandits approached us not long ago with an interesting proposition: they would send us all a bunch of cloth straps…

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  • Jun072018

    StrapBandits Fabric Straps featured in IWC MK XVIII REVIEW video

    StrapBandits on the IWC MK XVIII. Check out this review from the YouTube Channel 10:10 Tock to see our straps in real life.

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  • Sep012014

    Benefits of using an Apple watch adapter

    If you’ve an Apple Watch, you know how costly the bands are from Apple. Fortunately, with a band adapter for your Apple Watch, you can kit your new Apple Watch with an assortment of 3rd party bands. There are varieties of adapters for each variation of watch the apple watch adapters are available in a couple of nice selections for third-party straps.

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  • Sep012014

    How to Measure Your Lug Size

    Lug measurement involves measuring the lug width which is the interior width measured between the lugs where the watch band fits the watch. It’s best to know this size before you buy a substitute watch band. Imprecise measurement by a few millimeters can cause your strap to a loose fitting or not fit at all. Using a ruler or a pair of calipers is essential. Kindly note that it’s the internal dimension that you need.

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  • Mar272014

    Different Types of Watch Straps

    Watchstraps are the only division between wristwatches sitting on your wrist, to being a relic sitting in your pocket. Without watchstraps the suitability of contemporary wrist wear is misplaced, and the burdensome believed of carrying your pockets watch about becomes an unattractive truth. While an old-style pocket watch can still be valued under the right situations, not everybody desires to offer suitability for a convention. With the excess of decisions available for watch straps, it could be irresistible trying to choose which is right for you.

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  • Mar262014

    How to Change a Watch Band

    Changing a watch band is easy with the correct tools. You’ll need a small flat bladed screwdriver or a spring bar removal tool that can be procured. You’ll also require your watch and the new watch band that you want to fit. Nearly all kinds of watch band are held to the watch by small spring loaded bars known as spring-band. These fit into the little indents on the inside of the watch case and pass through a loop at the end of the watch band.

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